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FERVOR: Pointers to Foster Your Passion


 My theme in 2015 is “Be a SUNFLOWER.™”  Each letter of the word aligns with one of the traits of successful Passionate Pursuers. F stands for Fervor.  Fuel your pursuits with intense passion.  From p. 53 in Pursuit of Passionate Purpose, "When you are passionate, you have intense zeal, fervor, and devotion.  Passion reflects interest, enthusiasm, and excited involvement.  You will find what you are passionate about at the intersection of your values and gifts.  Passionate Pursuers have clearly defined convictions based on their core beliefs, morals, ideology, and ethics.  They know who they are and what is meaningful to them, and they align their values with their talents to spark passion.


 There are days when you feel like you are running on empty.  Your fuel for your pursuit seems to be gone.  We have all been there.  How to nurture passion?   Look at p. 71-75 in the book for more details, and follow these tips.


  1. Clarify.  Probe further into your values and gifts.  Look for ways to increase your sense of meaningfulness and competency.
  2. Experiment.  Try things that are worthwhile for which you have some interest but not necessarily great passion, and experiment with stimulating passionate.  Passion can be developed.
  3. Cultivate.  Nurture and intensify passion with any activity by concentrating with more and more one-pointedness on an activity.
  4. Transfer.  Remember pleasurable sensations, image, and talk associated with a pursuit of passionate purpose that was on track.  Know that you can rekindle that passion and transfer it to other experiences.
  5. Remove.  Determine what blocks your passion and find ways to reduce the impact of this hindrance.
  6. Ask for help.  Surround yourself with people who will provide support.
  7. Rest and recharge.  Sometimes you just need a break in order to reconnect with your inner self. Are you burned out? Have you been burning the candle at both ends? Forgive yourself for just being human, sleep in, take a day off, go on a walk in nature, do nothing, watch the hummingbirds, meditate, breathe, and hang out in your hammock.


Fervor or passion is the fuel for our pursuits.  "We may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion," said Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.  Take steps to foster your passion:  clarify, experiment, cultivate, transfer, remove blocks, ask for help, and rest. 

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