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ENERGIZE: How to Live to Be 100

Passionate pursuers, those people who find and successfully pursue their purpose to reap the real rewards of life, increase, focus, and use energy. Ask yourself,' do I have the energy to do what I need to do?'




My theme in 2015 is “Be a SUNFLOWER.”  Each letter of the word aligns with one of the traits of successful Passionate Pursuers.  E stands for Energy..  From page 52 of Pursuit of Passionate Purpose, “The capacity to do work--energy--is a habit of vigorous activity and forceful expression.  Your head, heart, and hands are your energy centers.  There are simple ways to increase your energy levels.  David Hawkins, MD, PhD, explains in Power vs.  Force:  The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior that energy levels can be calibrated into a map of consciousness.  Low energy levels manifest as shame, guilt. grief, and fear.  Courage, acceptance, love, and enlightenment align with high energy levels.  Positive jumps in energy are possible through intention, will, choice, and motivation.  Many spiritual disciplines of the world are interested in approaches to ascend these levels. ”


Seven Practical Pointers to Increase, Focus, and Use Energy

  1. Be Aware.  The first step toward increasing the strength of your energy is being aware of what energizes you.  Note what makes you feel alive, engaged, and energized and what does not.


  1. Build.  Intentionally nurture and build your positive, energizing forces.  Do more of what makes you feel energized and do less of what zaps your energy.  Say NO to zappers and distractions.  Say YES to energizers.  Be good to yourself.


  1. Meditate.  Hawkins notes that one technique to increase energy levels is meditation.  It also increases your ability to focus and concentration. Do you have a regular practice?  Even one minute each day is infinitely better than no minutes.  Find a teacher or a support group.  Improve your meditation posture.


  1. Surround Yourself with Energizers.  Ask yourself, 'what people energize me?'  Spend time with those supporters that provide encouragement and external validation.  As Kit Fox summarizes in the article "How to live to be 100 (or pretty damn close) in Men's Fitness, "Finding a healthy partner could actually save your life.  University College London researchers studied 3,722 couples and found that 67% of men became more physically active if their partner was." Smiling is an energizer! 


  1. Sleep More.  After decades of burning the candle at both ends, and surviving on 5 hours of sleep / night, I realized the price I was paying because sleep is important,  Not only does it feel good, sleep improves your cognitive and physical abilities.  It gives you energy.  For an even bigger energizer, try jumping out of bed in the morning, clapping your hands,  and saying, "I feel energized.  Today is a great day."


  1. Move More.  Exercise, even just a 20-minute walk, increases your stress robustness and resilience.  It provides a source of energy.  Ask yourself what movement works best for you? Using energy creates more energy.  Too much media zaps energy too -- turn off the TV, smart device, or computer, get off the couch, and move!  While you are at it, breath.  Oxygen is an energizer.


  1. Eat Well.  There are certain foods that zap energy.  Fresh, colorful vegetables and fruits are energizers. Pure, clean water energizes -- are you drinking enough water per day?  Too much fat, salt, and sugar reduces your energy.  Fake sugar zaps energy.  Too much food in general reduces energy -- do you have the ability to stop eating when you are full?  Be aware of what works best for you.  When did you last have your blood tested?  Make sure you have enough iron and other important elements are in balance.




People who find and successfully pursue their purpose are energetic.  They have tremendous energy and know how to increase, focus, and use that energy.  What are you doing to increase your energy? Start now.


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