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Can it be? Is it actually the end of another month of the New Year? Already! Was last year all you wanted? How will you make this year all that you dream? All we have for sure, right now, is this one life to live.

The Pursuit of Passionate Purpose, as described in the book by the same name, is a four-step process:


Know and Nurture the Person. Exploring who I am and what I value. What is my Passion?


Find Passionate Purpose. Determining what I want and do not want. How can I align my passion with a meaningful purpose?


Pursue Purpose. Establishing how I get it.


Assess Progress. Evaluating how things are going and what is next.

Assess Progress

So at the beginning of a New Year, at the end of each quarter, and along the way, assess progress. You may have done this already in your life planning and in your work strategic planning. If so, take out your notes and review them now. If you haven't done so yet, it's never too late. Try these simple techniques:


Use the smile monitor. Are you smiling more than sighing?


Use health monitors. Since pursuing your purpose (and looking back to last year), how have you been feeling? Are you healthy or do you get sick often or stay sick for a long time? What is your energy level?


Use sleep monitors. How well are you resting at night? Do you feel energized and refreshed in the morning? Do you have an easy time falling and staying asleep?


Use the Progress Inventory. Use this assessment to explore how your pursuit is going.


Build assessment into your plan and life as an ongoing task.


Review. Look back and revisit the joys and sorrows. When you look at all the material, what do you see? Are you on track and need only minor adjustments? What is working well? Is there a call for change? Are you at a pivotal point with a loud wake-up call? What did you learn?


Appreciate. Make sure you celebrate, reward, and recognize before moving on. Honor and thank all those who have helped you with this pursuit.


Create an Ending. Determine what and when is the best way to stop. Then say, "The End!"


Go In-Between. Give yourself a chance to renew by going into a neutral zone before embracing the next part of your life journey.


Before you continue pursuing your purpose, assess, review, and appreciate.  Then begin anew.


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