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“There are 30 million presentations given each day, ” says Scott Schwertly, managing partner of Ethos3, a leader in presentation design and training.   How many have you sat through that were dull, boring, and death by PowerPoint?  Too many.  Scott presented a fabulous full day workshop for the Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge finalists (including Radish Systems) – I highly recommend it.  Here are some take-aways.


There are THREE most important elements of good presentations:

  1. Content (how you build your presentation)—60-70% of presentation is content.
  • Establish credibility
  • Know your audience – they are asking WIIFM (what is in it for me?)
  • Make sure you plan – determine an objective, develop a theme, and outline your content


  1. Design (how you design your presentation) – Design makes you make sense.
  • Use San, not Serif type fonts
  • Use white space. Keep slides minimalistic. Use more slides with fewer words.
  • Know the Rule of Thirds (divide a slide into 3 sections – either vertically or horizontally – avoid words or images in middle third)


  1. Delivery (how you deliver your presentation) -- Delivery requires a fervent and committed effort to perfect while becoming natural and easy with practice.
  • Practice, practice, practice will build confidence and move you beyond fear.
  • Go beyond the message.  Be passionate.
  • Give the right perception:  overdress, iron your cloths, show up early, empty your pockets, smile, and love your audience




As John F. Kennedy said, “The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” Now you can make a bigger impact from your presentations.  Improve your content, design, and delivery.


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