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We can learn much from those people who have successfully pursued their passionate purpose.  During the recent StartupCamp4:  Comm Edition (  at ITEXPO 2011 in Austin, TX where we were honored to present our startup Radish Systems, Bob Metcalfe  (inventor of Ethernet, founder of 3Com, author of Metcalfe's Law, Venture Capitalist, and Professor) shared his wisdom.


  1. Learn from Steve Jobs.  Have the courage to FOLLOW YOUR HEART and INTUITION.  Do what you LOVE.  Live each day as if it were the LAST – someday it will be. (See Steve Jobs in the best video on YouTube:
  2. A startup’s NETWORK is its secret weapon.  The fate of a startup is a function of the networks they form.
  3. Successful start-ups have:  founders who do not let their ego get in the way of the company’s success (the success of the company is more important that having a certain person run it), focus, sufficient funding, good technology/product, and good leadership. 
  4. The five most important qualities of a startup CEO:  has a lifestyle which brings forth great ENERGY (sleep, eat well, and get exercise), knows how to WRITE, can SPEAK, has ability to PLAN, and can SELL. 
  5. The richest companies get money from CUSTOMERS, not from investors.

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