SMARTPHONE DEPENDENCE – the Agony and the Ecstasy


Many remember and use Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich.  Now Dr. John Maxwell, internationally recognized leadership expert, author, and speaker who has sold over 16 million books, reaffirms the importance of thinking in his new book How Successful People Think.  Here are some Practical Pointers.


Why You Should Change Your Thinking? Changed thinking is not automatic, is difficult, and is worth investment.


How Do You Become a Better Thinker?  Maxwell recommends that you expose yourself to good input and good thinkers, choose to think good thoughts, act on your good thoughts, allow your emotions to create another good thought, and repeat the process.


Here is what works for Maxwell.  Find a place to think your thoughts, shape your thoughts, stretch your thoughts, land your thoughts, and fly your thoughts.  Regardless of your circumstances, you can learn to be a good thinker. 


There are many types of important thinking skills including: 

  • Seeing the wisdom in big-picture thinking
  • Unleashing the potential in focused thinking
  • Discovering the joy of creative thinking
  • Recognizing the importance of realistic thinking
  • Releasing the power of strategic thinking
  • Feeling the energy of possibility thinking
  • Embracing the lesson of reflective thinking
  • Questioning the acceptance of popular thinking
  • Encouraging the participation of shared thinking
  • Experiencing the satisfaction of unselfish thinking
  • Enjoying the return of bottom-line thinking


Think about it and take action.  You can improve your thinking and reap better business and life performance.


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