How is your company doing in these uncertain times? When I talk with many business leaders, I hear about revenues that are down, sales closing cycles that are longer, and prospects who are unwilling to make decisions. Why? Because people and the organizations they make up are fearful. They are expecting to lose in this recession.


What can you do about it? Successful people and organizations do not despair, they “Believe and Act.” That is the recommended mantra this year. But what actions should you take?


Here's a snapshot of what you must do.


Victor Cheng, author of The Recession Proof Business, spoke recently at the Fortune Small Business Sales and Marketing Summit. His perspectives support all of my research findings. Consistent with my “Believe and Act” message, Cheng recommends adopting a “play to win” mindset. "Get your head screwed on straight and play to win,” he says. “Fortunes will be made in this economy. History has shown future Fortune 500 companies get started in times of extreme economic change. There are opportunities if you're looking for them."


Now is not the time to hunker down and attempt to ride it out. There is money out there. Go and find it. Determine where the money is, find the problems, and solve them. The money will follow your solutions. As preteen superheroes Sharkboy and Lavagirl say, "Dream a better dream, and do the work to make it come true."


What is Your Secret Weapon?


These times stimulate fear. What happens when you are fearful, afraid, scared, and overwhelmed? Your intuition — your heart — closes down. Yet that sixth sense is likely to be one of the most important tools to help you steer a course to success in challenging times.


The most successful people and organizations follow a four-step “Pursuit of Passionate Purpose” process and utilize six success strategies. The “Connections Strategy” starts with listening to yourself. Many of us recognize this as intuition, instinct, or sixth sense. This perception capability is defined as directly knowing, independent of rational thought and inference. Do not neglect to exercise this secret weapon and incorporate it as part of your ongoing strategic planning!




  • Tap your intuition. Respect and honor this source of wisdom and guidance. Take actions to make it more available to you. How do you tap into your intuition? Try breathing, meditation, exercise, journaling, and other ways to hear your inner voice.

  •   Unpack fear. Fear is often irrational. Be aware of the negative impact of fear. See my earlier blog post on this topic. 

  •   Take action. Be proactive. Develop a good plan, and act on it. Now is the best time to define your core and craft your strategic plan. Make sure it leverages your intuition and includes a sales assessment and plan (see www.TMSworld.com/sales.html) . Then execute it. Do not wait.


Theresa M. Szczurek (www.TMSworld.com and www.PursuitofPassionatePurpose.com)

Follow Theresa on Twitter @TheresaSzczurek.




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