If you listen to and read most of the media today, you get the message that the world is falling apart. Negative  news is everywhere. One could easily conclude that everything is going down the drain.  It is just NOT true -- polarities exist in all of life. There is good as well as its opposite. 

Why so Negative? 

  • It is based on the filter which news editors use.  Bad news sells.  Market research shows that people remember negative messages longer.  This is why so many political campaigns focus on the negative aspects of the opponent. 
  • People, like YOU, are accepting this.  We need to revolt and make it known that we want a balanced reporting that includes the good. When consumers refuse to buy the negativity, the media will change and provide a more balanced perspective on life.

Here is Goods News.

There is a lot of good news.  You just have to look for it.  Here are five practical pointers on what to do.

  1. Check out  Let me and others know of other sources for good news.  Visit these outlets regularly.
  2. Spread good news.Let it be known that you want good news. Help communicate this message to others. I search out, for examples, people and organizations that are successfully pursuing their passionate purpose.  I write about them, speak about, and help them prosper.  In this way, I am focusing on and propogating the good work whereby people are making a meaningful difference.
  3. Believe in the power of positive thinking, positive reporting, and positive people as the medium.  Surround yourself with like-minded optimistic people. When you find those people who only propogate the negative, let them know enough is enough and you are not interested in their message anymore. 
  4. Create you own filter.  Don't listen or read it all.  People can get sucked into the negative.  It is addicting.  Turn it off.  I choose to get my news in print format so that I have control over what I absorb. By doing a quick scan of the headlines, I can then choose what I will read further.  With broadcast media, you have much less control.
  5. Learn how to balance polarities.  Read Chapter 7 on the Polarity Strategy in Pursuit of Passionate Purpose.  When you are experiencing the downside of one pole, bad news, then take action to experience the upside of the other pole, good news. It works!

Take on a success strategy -- get on the good news bandwagon!

Theresa M. Szczurek ( and


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