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These are fearful, challenging times.  If you listen to the media, you hear news telling us why we should be afraid.  Fear breeds more fear.  You can turn the worst of times into the best of times by letting go of fear.

In my research study about factors that help and hurt people in successfully pursuing their passionate purpose, I asked people what holds them back and what encourages them on their pursuit.  One of the biggest hindrances is FEAR.  Fear causes self doubt; fear is a heavy burden. 

Sometimes it makes sense to be fearful.  It can stop you from crossing a dangerous road or from getting hurt.  However, so often fear is not rational.  Fear is often irrational.

Once you are aware of the negative impact of fear, the next step is to take appropriate action.  Use the Pack Strategy (see the book Pursuit of Passionate Purpose) to unpack hindrances and pack energizers for your journey. Here are some practical pointers:

*  Limit the amount of exposure you have to the media and to be selective in what you listen/watch.
*  Be aware if your fear is rational or irrational. If irrational, force yourself to quiet the mind and to focus on positive aspects of life.
*  Say positive affirmations.
*  Surround yourself with less fearful people.  Surround yourself with people who are not afraid.  A recent research study showed that happiness is contagious.  If you are around happy people, you will be more happy.  If  you are around fearful people, you will be more fearful.  So find happy, unafraid people to be with. 

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