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Lance Armstrong, seven-time winner of the Tour de France bike race, just announced that at age 37 he is coming out of retirement and jumping back into the game.  He states that his real purpose is to build awareness and money for cancer research, not only to win bike races. Here is a NOBLE purpose greater than himself which can make a huge impact on the world. In my opinion, Lance's real purpose is to PURSUE this noble purpose.

After winning the seventh tour, he went in-between to take a rest.  What most passionate pursuers find is that in-between is not satisfying for long.  The PURSUIT of a passionate purpose, as well as its attainment, and the connections along the way bring the real meaning and satisfaction to life.
After you have had your passion aligned with a meaningful purpose, after you have pursued it relentlessly with all your heart and all your soul with a team of people, after you have tasted success and reveled in the rewards of its achievement, you find that retirement is not fun for long.  The PURSUIT of a passionate purpose is fun!

People have asked me, "Theresa, why after selling your company are you still working?"  Why?  Because I am having fun PURSUING my life purpose.  This world needs help and I am called in my life's work to use my research, work, book, experience -- my gifts -- along with my values to help others succeed. 

YES to Lance for setting another great example as an American hero!  YES to each of you in you own large or small ways who persist, through the ups and downs, in pursuing your dreams.  Your spirit brings hope. You are impacting the world and making a difference. Keep pursuing!

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Life is short.  You have 100 years; that equals only 1200 months on earth.  That is 36,000 months or just over 1 million days.  It is finite.  For me and maybe you, around half of this life is behind me.  Yet, you can impact this moment and make a difference going forward.  Have you asked yourself lately, in the words of Mary Oliver, "What will YOU do with your one, wild and precious life?"

A few weeks ago, I squeezed in lunch with my friend Karen Bernardi, successful realtor.  Karen suggests we all play "The Perfect Game."  Whatever happens in your life, it is perfect.  You may not know why it is perfect.  It happened, you can't change that.  What you can change is your interpretation of the situation, your attitude, and what you will do going forward.  Some folks may see the situation as less than perfect, yet you have the choice to interpret it in a positive way and to build from this moment.   Paraphrasing Deepak Chopra, put your 'attention' on this moment and your 'intention' on the future you are creating.

So, next time someone asks you how things are going, here is the answer that allows you to win in life.  Things are perfect!

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