What Can You Celebrate?

How Do You Keep the Passion Burning for Your Work?

Tim Miller, CEO of Rally Software Development (www.rallydev.com), and I were having breakfast today at the The Kitchen in Boulder, CO. In answer to the question posed in the title, Tim thoughtfully replied, "Feedback is key. There is a psychology of numbers."

By regularly reviewing key metrics or 'smart numbers,' Tim and his growing team have a way to recognize progress. This progress fuels their pursuit. And it is paying off — Rally Software Development has been growing 40% quarter over quarter for the last several quarters and is hiring 25 employees each quarter to support that growth.

What are the key metrics that reveal if you’re making progress? For one organization the key performance indicator might be revenues. For another it might be meeting a certain level of customer satisfaction. For another it could involve doing meaningful work in line with its mission. Every person is different, as is every organization. The important thing is to know your organizational and your personal metrics and to track them regularly.

Consistent with Kenneth Thomas' work on Intrinsic Motivation, there are at least four intrinsic rewards that ignite internal enthusiasm or passion — a sense of meaningfulness, choice, competency, and progress. These coincide with the four-stage process of pursuing passionate purpose.

Take the "Progress Inventory" in Chapter 6 of the book Pursuit of Passionate Purpose and see how you’re doing. You can also view this Progress Inventory online.

by Theresa M. Szczurek (www.TMSworld.com)


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