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At a recent seminar conducted by Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay, I learned dozens of useful tips for becoming more effective in conducting Internet searches, especially using Google.  This is now an essential business skill that I did not learn in school!  Since I bet you didn't learn these skills either, I'm sharing a few Internet search suggestions here:

Use Quotes.  Whenever words belong together, such as names, phrases and sayings, be sure to put them in quotation marks.  For example, try searching like this "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose".  Otherwise the search engine looks for any instance of each word, anywhere on the page.

Use the Right Tool for the Right Job.  If you are looking for phone numbers and addresses, go to to get the White Pages, Yellow Pages, and Reverse Phone Look-up all in one place.

Big File Transfers.  Use to transfer large files at no cost.

Get the News.  Google has a News tab. Rather than searching websites, you can search 5,000 sources from the last 30 days.   Set up a "news alert" on your name, company name, key clients, prospects, etc. and get the news sent to you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Benidt and Kay are a valuable resource for discovering hidden business treasures.  Check out their website at:

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