Colorado could be moving from being known as "Silicon Mountain" with its work in data storage and information technology to a new identity of "Energy Mountain."

Energy is the most critical world resource next to water.  Wars are fought and lives are lost over it.  The tension continues to increase.  Energy gets my vote as the industry that will most shape the future of the world.

In Colorado there is positive entrepreneurial action to improve energy systems and reduce the impact of energy consumption on the environment.  Thank goodness.  The US uses more than its fair share of the world's limited energy resources and is negatively impacting global warming.  Now is the time for right action for change.

Right here in Boulder County, there is entrepreneurial activity in the energy space. Porous Power Technologies was honored by the Boulder County Business Report during the Innovation Quotient Awards for its invention to increase the efficiency of lithium-ion batteries.  Hybrids Plus is turning Hybrid Electric Vehicles into Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.  Boundless Corporation is creating novel energy storage systems.  An increasing number of small firms are producing biodiesel from used cooking oil. These efforts and much more are symbols of "Energy Mountain" progress.  Working together -- industry, government, educational institutions, and American entrepreneurial spirit -- we are moving mountains.  We might also be providing a famework for Boulder's own Kyoto solution.

by Theresa M. Szczurek (


Evan Ravitz

Theresa, it is biodiesel that is esterified from cooking oil, NOT ethanol that is distilled from it.

If you try to distill cooking oil you are likely to start a fire!

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